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365 Letters to Myself

September 15th, Action...

Listened to a webinar, interview of Stu Heinecke author of Grow Like a Weed and one line hitting me, "let actions lead emotions". It is true that feeling first can get in the way of taking, altering, or delaying action. I have been in such a place lately, perhaps years since ‘The Event’ of my life. For decades life happened for me through doing, instinct, ease; I knew what actions to take, no feelings. I ‘joked’ about as an adult child of alcoholics; I didn’t have much emotion. It sort of made things more manageable in retrospect. I felt GOOD!!! But being relatively blindsided, is a 180 acceptable?

Maybe for a while but it’s going on too long. I have more questions than answers. I am tiring of it! Which person am I – don’t like the idea of not being one person regardless of events and for 50 years I mostly was. Thus, making it so uncomfortable if I am going to be this feeling first person now forever more. Be careful what I wish for, recalling writing I missed ‘feelings’ or how can I live life more intentional. Will I get to the proper balance, because ultimately, everything in balance is the goal. Is it what, when, how much – more questions, ugh. Good thing I believe (and have proof) answers do come at some point, like them or not.

Hmmm, just do it…day 61!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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