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365 Letters to Myself

January 23rd - Wholeness...

My word of the year – is wholeness. How far do I need to go back, to be able to say I felt whole? Maybe for a bit the year I went to treatment? Or perhaps, one of my grade school years? Better yet, can I even define it?

Well, it is my goal for this year! I want to define and feel wholeness. That I am present, not perfect. That life is centered in love. That I am fulfilling my potential. That I am in complete alignment spiritually. That I embrace the abundance surrounding me. That I (and my loved ones) am healthy and safe. That I am living financially happily ever after.

This is my start – sure I will add to it as I go along. By listening to my heart, connecting to what gives me personal meaning and staying positive, I am hopeful I will prevail (in progress toward peace within at the very least).

To be whole, through consistency in thoughts, words, and deeds!

Hmmm, a peace deep within…day 182!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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