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365 Letters to Myself

December 2nd, 111..

As a believer in energy, angels, universe, spirituality, etc. when I see or experience certain things, I like to look them up. Life to me, is full of meaning, connection and I am curious if there is an explanation to consider (though I do wonder who these ‘inspired individuals’ are that get to be the ones to offer – could I?!)

So today – after having someone point out to me their understanding of the power of 111, 1111 – when I saw 111 on the cable box, I went to Google. After reading a couple of sites – of course, once again, I embrace being where I am meant to be, receiving what I need to hear, supported, validated, encouraged, and so much more.

My day went from ho, hum, a bit of “lost” mood to the reminder that one interpretation of 111 is “I am what I think”. Ok then, I can do this, I check in with my thoughts…are they aligned to my desires, sending the right vibrations? A slight adjustment is required, and I am making.

Another interpretation – fresh starts, new beginnings…let go of the past – be healed – move forward… YES! I am listening – I am hearing. Who is my truest self now (still), and how might I serve others in this deemed, ‘I have an opportunity to do/be bigger and better’ chapter?

Hmmm, then I saw 222…day 139!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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