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365 Letters to Myself

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

July 20th, Right Where Left Off...

Every day I think about people of Act 1, Act 2. Most weeks, noting in my planner those I want to keep in touch with, reach out to, it’s been a while. The best is that almost everyone, it doesn't matter if it’s been a short time or long time, when we do connect, I am so fortunate that we both agree it's like yesterday that we texted or last spoke or exchanged emails. With no shortage of conversation, or maybe it’s just a familiarity, or a genuine interest in what may be happening, simply the catching up of day to day…each time after, I feel incredibly lucky! And I love it when we both say out loud, "We picked up right where we left off"!!

It’s a little contradictory perhaps because I lean slightly more towards being an introvert but when you find yourself without a daily community, these calls, texts, email interactions are like a lifeline, energizing me. Or perhaps tapping the social media posts – can’t believe how often I check out my LinkedIn feed now. Kind of embarrassing! I was never going to be on it but what else can you do when you are a solopreneur, without an office or 'team'. I am in awe of the connections I have made, appreciative of the willingness of others to accept my invite, fascinated to see all the different content, how we are literally 3 degrees or less away from practically every industry (perhaps everyone). I want to get to know many better, or am humbled to celebrate a milestone, or offer the support emoji to a challenge, love a good quote, triggered by ‘leadership’ and ‘culture’ posts, haha. Thank goodness LinkedIn added a laugh option because I find myself chuckling a lot. What a great tag, ad campaign of the past, ‘reach out and touch someone’. Who am I abundantly blessed to connect with today?!

Hmmm, feels like yesterday… Day 8!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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