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365 Letters to Myself

What if...

I have been, am thinking a lot about what if I started being someone that is sharing and posting under the genre of 'self-discovery'? I see what some of the biggest influencers or inspirationalists are doing and I say to myself, know within - I could be sharing and doing what they are myself. After at least 4+ decades of reading about and practicing self-development, the realization of my intuition gift, a childhood dream to make a positive difference (not knowing what that looked like by actual career), investing in life coaching certifications, unwavering practice of my faith - is it fair to evaluate, I do have experience and qualifications... my heart says, YES. One of the most motivating, rewarding things I do each day is support and help others through advising, coaching, service - the act of interacting with individuals in a way that feels like I am giving back what I am blessed to have, and most often they appreciate it. I have to admit, there is a bit of uncertainty - I must be original in an area that is simply often a repeating of what is already known (or said by someone). I do not know how to create Instagram posts or use social media very well. How in the world will I build any type of audience?! This isn't going away for me though, everything is timing, feeling like it is time to at the least, take a chance.

Hmmm, listen to my heart…day 292!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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