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365 Letters to Myself

Life is for Us

Life is for us, yet we spend most of our time thinking, acting as if it is against us. Guilty as charged, except I tend to believe it is for us, but I need to take personal responsibility for mine. Which has truth, but the greater truth – just let it be. Let the beautiful sunshine bring a sense of lifted spirits. The warm cup of coffee soothes me with a peacefulness. Amaze at the signs of Spring. Take the blessings in a planned lunch with a friend of 40 years who may not be part of daily life but a relationship withstanding of time. What work can flow from me that might contribute towards others’ successes as I continue to believe, I have experiences and knowledge to share. A gift of ability, flexibility, and good health as I wrap up writing to do morning exercises. It is safe to trust life, and all that the day brings as part of my journey.

Hmmm, who is against us…day 294!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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