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365 Letters to Myself

September 10th, Time management...

There is a lot to be desired with my time management lately – ugh!! Not very happy with myself to say the least. Another day missed and worse, a big problem caused. I do not know how to explain the why behind it and I feel a bit off, uneasy. I’ve never been the most ‘on-time’, always thinking I can squeeze in one more thing, so not unusual for me to be a proverbial 10 minutes ‘late’ to things. But I have played the game well when I am juggling a lot, able to accomplish tasks timely and responsibly. Whatever this trend, I like to believe is just recent, I am in – I want to stop and do so quickly.

To ‘fix’ it, there’s the philosophy to just do it, I know what to do, just do it. But there’s this ying-yang going on inside. A continuing struggle of standing on unsettled ground. I know in a day what I plan to do, but the urgency is not the same, and that messes with my drive. Another thing taken from me by this situation? Of course, I can make the choice on whether I will allow it and apparently, I need to consider this. It will take work though, and the first obstacle is to embrace I am needing to make effort when it seems like I am being pulled in a direction of not wanting to. What happen to the ‘it came easy’ life I was blessed to live?! How will I recapture it?

Hmmm, a game played, not won…day 56!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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