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365 Letters to Myself

August 22nd, Service...

It was an exercise in patience, observation. The Pharmacy was busy. The drive thru 6 cars deep, so go inside to a line 10 deep. I get to the counter to hear, though my son’s prescription was there for an hour, it would be an hour. It’s dinner time. I go home, watch my evening show, return…it’s been about 90 minutes. Again, the drive through 6 deep, both lanes. Go in, maybe 12 deep. Finally, my turn – one prescription ready, the other “we do that overnight”. What?! It’s a prescription that is for an immediate condition, my son is in pain, missed work, face swollen. I was anticipating something like this, “you’ve had it for four hours, this is my second time here, what do you mean”. I wanted to stand my ground. Demand they do it now. But conceded to the 20 people still in line behind me.

While patiently waiting in line, I was observing – curious about what was happening. Were they short staffed – it appeared only 1 person filling prescriptions, 1 at the drive-thru, 1 at the counter – yes, I would say short staffed. It didn’t appear they were ‘slow’ but there definitely wasn’t much of a sense of urgency overall. Maybe that’s not fair. I guess a fourth person that was new. The cashier system a little cumbersome, but not the bottleneck. It seems too much volume, too little trained personnel. When I run into these situations more often than not, I am more about how to solve the problem, offer understanding. Tonight – was frustrating, my son needed the medicine, and they simply did not care, beyond the terrible service given.

Hmmm, help wanted…day 39!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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