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365 Letters to Myself

April 30th - Sunday fun day...

When you think about answering the question, what would an ideal day look like… for me, brunch made, shared with friends and then visiting a vineyard in perfect weather, with complimentary live music, ranks pretty high.

As we descended the mountain home, jamming to our newly created playlist… each of us picked out 8 songs from our own and added them to a joint… naming who was the source – half a mile away we turned into a quaint property that would become a (not so) guilty pleasure for spending our Sunday. What is it about an afternoon of wine tasting, charcuterie, music, light conversation that is, appropriately, lifting of our spirits! It may not be church, but it is fair to suggest God’s wonder present in nature.

So, the hours ticked by and all we had to do was BE in that moment with each other. It was a slice of heaven if you ask me.

Hmmm, uplifting…day 270!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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