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365 Letters to Myself

April 13th - Body acceptance...

I am curiously thinking about why it is so hard for us to accept our bodies. The dissatisfaction used to primarily center around our weight, our features… now too much conversation, my beliefs, around our biology.

It is my strong position, biologically, we have the body we do – God does not error in this – and though a challenging, painful experience finding a peace that is livable should be the direction over any mutilation of our natural gender. I fear, with great sensitivity for the individuals, who are questioning this as an option in their lives. I wonder if they are trying to find a belonging or be part of the ‘cultural’ conversation in the absence of having strong faith, perhaps even clear understanding of their morals and beliefs. Is it a sign or contributor to mental health issues that are being covered up by the misguiding conversations it is ok to engage in life altering changes, like studies that show transgender is present in the greater percentage of multiple-personality disorders. Are those needing compassion and help, becoming the victims to manipulation, profit generating medications and procedures. This isn’t a liberating time, it is sad, issues at the roots are not being addressed. It is becoming acceptable to race to the ‘instant’ solution, that is more so a lifetime sentence.

There are miniscule ‘perfect’ bodies – yet culture tries to suggest such a thing exists. There is respect for our bodies. There is health for our bodies. There is living with our body. It’s a never-ending love hate relationship. We use our bodies to be an opening paragraph of our story – fitness, dress, body art and so on. They are an important and powerful statement, but then ultimately, what will be valued and remembered isn’t our outsides, but our insides.

True attraction is seeing past our outer shell, to our inner beings.

Hmmm, equal to emotional acceptance…day 253!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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