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365 Letters to Myself

March 30th- Be love D...

What is good in this day, this place, the world – there is the possibility to embrace being love and being loved. As I likely have written in other letters, I try to be loving, but I am not very good at being loved.

Been working on this more and more. I was created in love, and thus my spiritual practice emphasizes over and over again, I am loved. Everyday, I can choose to believe this simple idea that life is an act of love, and therefore love is always present. It gets tricky because ‘free will’ exists and there is a lot of influences suggesting the absence of love or love is an outcome of being lovable rather than it always being the starting point.

When my meditation was speaking to love thyself this morning, I did my best to internalize it. And like what is becoming a list for another letter, I am attempting to consider it, “a state of mind” today. It is an interesting exercise having love be the finish line… an awaited reply, written through ‘love’ (mutual rewards), a riot on a state capital, expression of love (fear of its absence), eating food that tastes good, love (providing for us) and so it will continue. If nothing else, my mood is in a better place and signs I am on the right path appear.

Begin, live, end with and in - love.

Hmmm, now and forever…day 239!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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