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365 Letters to Myself

My word is my word...

I made a promise to myself, 365 letters. I attempted to make this a practice by the calendar day but as with many well intentions we make with ourselves and to others... guess what... I dropped off in May. Let's say paused. So here I am on letter 290 - 75 more letters to go. I will keep my word or continue being haunted by a voice that shows up when I don't. For me, it is very real. The voice keeps whispering, growing in volume. If I let it, I go down a shame rabbit hole. Mostly though, it's not about guilt but the honor. We don't necessarily talk about or see honor as much in our current world. I think it is important for us to consider it and the spider legs of words that come off of it, integrity, trust, honesty, and so on. Where it exists, we believe that person or event to represent a goodness, we want to be around. No matter how long it takes... I will achieve 365 letters!

Hmmm, and honor…day 290!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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