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365 Letters to Myself

March 9th - Tourney Time...

March is such a fun time of year. Watching some of the HS hockey tournament, remembering how much it meant those teen-age years and realizing, again, it is simply great hockey! I miss the hockey years. Grateful all three boys played and how it was our life October to March, most often for the good. Of course, there were some ‘politics’ with making a team, coaching and parents. But all in all, good memories of tournaments, friendships.

Then comes March Madness, one of the greatest sporting events, in my opinion. I’ll fill out a bracket or two. My strategy includes checking out the three throw and points against stats. Guilty of picking a favorite city, state and or team name, too. There will be the flipping of games, trying to keep up. Who will be the Cinderella upset to root for?

Good to have events that encourage effort, merit and reward achieving ‘the best’. Lessons to experience of sportsmanship and the agony of defeat.

Instinctively, we remain creatures of competition to be champion!

Hmmm, Capturing competitiveness…day 220!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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