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365 Letters to Myself

February 15th - What's it mean...

As a big believer in ‘signs’ from the universe…I am having myself a day! From numbers that have meaning, words in a conversation, validation, encouragement, and so on.

The questions form within, which is coming first, my thoughts prompting the events or the events directing my thoughts. Having fun with it is all I really know, and momentum is generating to keep me doing what I am in the rituals that have become part of my 2023 daily routine.

Sometimes, it is more about embracing the moments than having to figure out what it all is about. Confession, I did look up the numbers, 111 and 11:11. A thought I shared with someone today, “just be, it is looking really good on you.” A similar sentiment passed on to me this afternoon, “just go with it.”

The moment, without analyzing meaning.

Hmmm, do you have to know…day 205!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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