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365 Letters to Myself

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

July 16th, Playing Pretend...

I watch my granddaughter’s play pretend, a lot, and ask myself, why is it so hard for me to engage in make believe? So, they are 6 and 12…maybe I was good at it during those ages…sort of remember playing farm-racking the shag carpet, desiring a hard-working, ‘simple’ life…or hospital in our secret playroom off the closet-wanting to take care for my patients. But now, what’s my dream, manifest for the future, fake it till I make it – it’s a struggle for me. When it comes to dreaming-I like the idea of being surprised, or more so it is the fear a dream won’t come true, which has happened, of course. To manifest a future-it would help if I would be specific, rather than so general; secure, successful, make a difference, ok what does that look like exactly? A few details are welcomed! Faking it is all wrong-I value strongly being authentic, so no way, I must feel it, believe it-too often I have said, “Be who you are, not who you think you are.” Think of all the quotes about 'being the best version of yourself'. Is there a happy place in this? It is a joy to watch my granddaughters as they spend hours with each other and the dolls designing a pretend life. I believe in the power of dream boards. It’s ok to push yourself towards your boundaries of what is possible. The word imagine, reimagine…feels creative, fun, more comfortable. Today, I will play imagine, with as much details as possible. I will reimagine alternative perspectives where I may be stuck, achieving abundant blessings!

Hmmm, I am imagining… Day 4!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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