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365 Letters to Myself

February 12th - Superbowl...

Superbowl Sunday…an undeclared National Holiday, in the past. I am not sure it continues to be regarded as such, after the last few years. Definitely, I am transposing my feelings, the NFL did disenchant me but I am willing to admit for some it remains as big an event as always.

Spectator sports, in my opinion, was about the game, the competition, the rally behind your team, a momentarily escape from the daily grind. Yes, we knew it was a business and had to accept how that showed up, but they stayed away from politics, positions, and civil rights. All stood for the anthem, we cheered, and the teams shook hands after the win or loss. There also use to be great lessons of effort, teamwork, and success. Despite an occasional ‘upset’, the victor most often was the one that prepared the best, played with heart and delivered a winning performance close to excellence.

The Superbowl typically will be between the 2 teams achieving that during the season and playoffs. The parties being had all over, a celebration of food, fans, and an underlining appreciation of those that shine the brightest this year being rewarded as champions. Heading to my son’s soon for a menu of appetizers he has planned. We’ll enjoy the game, evaluate the quality of commercials, anticipate what the half-time show will bring… but the NFL has changed, and it will be hard not to consider the ‘stories’ they decided to tell vs. keeping the game pure of the sport.

The human spirit should seek, allow, respect, and reward what is exceptional, without apologies.

Hmmm, oh what a spectacle…day 202!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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