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365 Letters to Myself

February 5th - Ashville, NC...

So excited – it has all come together! A girl’s trip that is!! A follow up to our 50th birthday celebration, only took 8 years, yikes - YAY!

The plans got a little bumpy, but it all worked out when we got on a conference call, rather than emails and texting, to talk it through. Novel idea! With a bit of disappointment over our first choice becoming out of budget, alternatives were brainstormed together, and unanimous agreement achieved, quickly. We were able to check flights live time and get them booked within minutes. After, receiving a VRBO board of accommodation options, another group call – lodging in place.

It's cool – rather than heading to the beach, we are doing something different – going to the mountains! A beautiful cabin in Ashville, NC, nestled amongst the trees, and lots of outside activity options amongst an interesting town and many attractions. Now, must manage the anticipation until end of April!

Nothing ever is as good, or effective, as person to person conversation!

Hmmm, excited to see you soon…day 195!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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