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365 Letters to Myself

February 3rd - Goddaughter...

Happy birthday to my Goddaughter. She will never get my wishes. She chose to end our relationship – not something directly between us, but her parents and me.

This is a tough situation. But she is an adult, and I would hope capable of making her own choices based on being informed, fully. Which, perhaps she is honoring – no one likes being in the middle of an impossible situation. The timing of her position, happened after a college graduation card that offered in every ‘conflict’ there are 2 sides to a story and truth somewhere in between if she ever wanted to hear. Believing myself it is terribly wrong to transfer a bad situation into future generations.

The result a text some weeks later, sharing feelings that given the family dynamic our relationship is on pause, and I believe we are close to 5 years now. Of course… I only care that she is true to herself, that she is happy with no regrets. I support her in having the life and relationships she wants. Should this mean there is no place for me, my only option is to accept it and pray for love, light and adding truth, in her life. Though it would be easier to embrace if I knew from her perspective the story she tells herself that was the basis for the decision.

Our lives should be surrounded by the people that want to be present, not have to be there.

Hmmm, rejection…day 193!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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