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365 Letters to Myself

January 3rd - Birthday, son #2...

On this day, 31 years ago, I would be in the hospital, the proud mother of my second baby boy! We went in early that morning, about 7:30 – 8 a.m. and were greeted by “oh, you are the fast ones”, a reference to my relatively quick deliveries and an acknowledgement they would be keeping their eye on us. My labors were not really that short. Overall, they were average when you factor in the first contractions (though I slept through them with this son), but once I progressed to hard labor it was intense and ‘quick’, especially once my water broke. So, by 10:16 a.m. our precious child had arrived…after making us wait 10 long days beyond the due date.

Each one of my boys is so different. Following a busy, busy first child, a more sensitive, gentle one in our second was a respite, other than being particularly (solely) a mommy and daddy boy. His bigger brother quite excited about his coming!!

It isn’t easy being the second – often compared to who came before. But like I said, his own path was forged. Different strengths, interests, totally own personality. Obviously, some similarities, passion for family/family business, intelligent, ‘teen-age partier’, thoughtfulness.

As a grown adult – I am so very proud of him. A veteran at 20. A father (a great one), business owner and inventor with a patent at 24, sober now about 4 years. He continues to inspire me with his commitment, sense of responsibility, patience, resilience, innovation, business sense…as a start! Happy birthday dear child of mine!

Nothing comes close to the birth of your child, unconditional love!

Hmmm, what a great day…day 166!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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