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365 Letters to Myself

December 12th, You get what you think...

I am really zeroing in on the momentum, the power of thoughts! It is exciting, energizing, intriguing. Takes trust, faith, nonresistance. I am what I think – let’s see.

So, what am I thinking about – I want safety and good health for my boys and their families, I want to be a serious influencer-living financially happily ever after, I want and believe - “everything is working out for me and my boys!”, better and bigger awaits, it is a wonderful life of abundance…as a start on my list.

There are so many I wish good will for…mom, my husband, friends, connections, clients… let go of the resistance – ‘but, because, if only’, etc. Trust… “if that what I am (or you) thinking does not happen, it is because something even greater is on its way!”

Hmmm, and how you feel…day 149!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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