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365 Letters to Myself

October 15th, Reboot...

Oh, where did my day go…productive though – updated my website, to be consistent my LinkedIn too. Working on just the right messaging feels never ending with my ‘start-up’... am I still one? Five years isn’t a new business anymore. So technically not. I should be further along. Will this time be the right language to acquire my desired board positions and or a few lucrative clients, gigs? All I want to do is give back, make a difference, have enough work, that improves my financial position - without working all day/night, as I easily fall into. I can do this – but it takes more effort in my clarity than I appear to be giving it. At the beginning of this afternoon, I felt like I was on a role…was excited, ready to put all the pieces together. Now, into the evening, I don’t know.

Time for a pause...practice my purpose class tool! Breathe!!

And a switch to sudoku – or disappear into a show, not the SVU I have on in the background, switch to Rizzoli&Isles! Some shows-great cast karma.

Hmmm, my messaging…day 91!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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