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365 Letters to Myself

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

August 13th, Do a little dance...

Growing up I was a dancer. So grateful to be enrolled into this activity as a child – ballet, tap and jazz. I was part of the show unit and entered one competition (to discover quickly, at that time, less about talent, more about appearance). Dancing came naturally. I really like it – particularly ballet. To me, ballet is real dancing – ballerinas so beautiful, graceful - defined moves that take practice to execute correctly. Off and on for years as an adult I would go back to ballet classes. Our show unit performed at hospitals and nursing homes. It was truly special to see how happy this made residents and after our ‘show’ we would get to mingle with them for a bit. The year I decided to enter in to competition, I choregraphed my dances myself. The ballet one to my favorite song The Way We Were. This song played as dad and I had our first dance together after 8th grade graduation and was the obvious choice for father/daughter dance at my wedding. I sort of wish at the time of our wedding preparations I would have and still think it would be fun to take ballroom classes. At one time, for the lucrative money, I briefly considered adult dancing in my early 20’s (a bit of the Flashdance influence-liked how she told a story through the moves). Often, I wondered if I would have stayed with it, could I have been part of a dance company, a ballerina or perhaps a teacher.

There is something about dancing. The moving and grooving to the music. Not going to lie, have been known to cut it up during a cleaning day, adding a bit of fun to the task. (like The Big Chill kitchen scene) I am one on the dance floor if at a bar/event with music and dancing. I believe in the expression, storytelling and exercise of dance. It is a treat to watch ‘good’ dancing – the kind in old movies, dance lines, ballets, Broadway shows, some recitals. It has been too long since I have indulged; both watching and spontaneously engaging. It’s more the granddaughters shaking it now, and honestly, I get nostalgic for the ‘art of dance’ as I knew it growing up compared to what is "in" today. No room for judging, kudos to any and all willing to dance a little from the toddler shaking their little diaper butt to the elderly couple at an anniversary!

Hmmm, love to dance…day 31!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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