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365 Letters to Myself

Human Being

Interesting meditation feed today – Human Being vs Human Doing. As with so much lately, I find such connection and messages popping up all over. My thoughts have been around doing, just to be reminded about the stage I have been living, given to focus on, my being.  I like how it was suggested that being is the essence! Beautiful!! The essence of presence, mindfulness, in touch with my intuition. Permission to move away from always feeling like I MUST be doing something, accomplishing, production. Embrace instead the space, quiet, contemplation. So much thinking lately, honestly at times uncomfortable because I wonder if I am being lazy, wasting time when I am. But it can be interpreted the universe is determined to keep telling me, now is about being… because that is what I have and will always have in my possession… I can come back again and again to choosing to be, first. All it requires is my own acceptance to just do, being.

Nothing like a sunset to do BEING!

Hmmm, Human Doing…day 297!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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