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365 Letters to Myself


Couldn’t agree more with the Father and his chosen message today at mass.  With the gospel about ‘love one another’ – the path he took was to embrace a line within the reading focused on my joy may be in you. Proceeding to discuss with us the measurement of joy society suggests to us; achievement and accomplishment, and how limited, unrealized such defining actually is. He sang us a song about joy coming from within, and offered from the honoring of God’s commandments, gifts from the Holy Spirit. Now, this isn’t new information or perspective, but a reminder again of how we keep looking outside for what we must find inside us. Something so logical should be easy and we make it challenging, elusive, over and over and over again. Thus, a great preaching to receive as often as it takes. I imagine… myself, family, the nation, a world that stopped living to find their joy from someone, something that simply will never be able to deliver and started living from the place of goodness existing in our own inner being.

Hmmm, Look inside, not out…day 298!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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