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365 Letters to Myself

April 9th - Easter...

He has risen. The real meaning of Easter.

It is difficult for me that my family no longer sees Easter as a celebration of Jesus’ rising, goes to mass together. The religious meaning of holidays is important to me, and I tried to instill, model a strong belief for them growing up. Now it seems I haven’t done so well at this and what becomes even more sad, my granddaughters aren’t being introduced and growing in a faith either. Though, my oldest granddaughter seems a bit more interested – telling me she would have gone to mass, after it. Hmmm

I imagine coming up with a ‘new’ homily every Easter has its challenges. Father did a good job this year… and it stuck for me. He spoke to ‘We have a friend in Jesus’. (Like the song lyrics, "You've got a friend in me..." I shared it with my family when I returned from mass, maybe it can stick with them in some way too.

Renew and start fresh, it is up to you.

Hmmm, holiest of days…day 249!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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