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365 Letters to Myself

August 9th, Don't take the bait...

The days lately seem to be filled with baiting, and not as a part of a pastime. Fishing up at Lake Vermillion would actually be most welcomed at this moment. The beauty of being up North, the peacefulness, catching the sunrise or sunset, watching the water’s glistening dance, hearing the loons call…I could go on, and boy would it be nice to be there.

But I am not there, I am here where in my sphere there’s some serious baiting of my patience, my availability, my triggers, happening. The current events are casting some concerning doubts and rocking boats-a potential storm to be caught in. I can choose though to avoid getting hooked and look behind the jigging towards what may be reflected, deflected. Is it loneliness, need for compassion…is it the fear of truth, good challenging evil?

I must cast love. I must cast trust.

Hmmm, Fishing expedition…day 27!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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