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365 Letters to Myself

March 24th- Embarrassing risk...

The phrase embarrassing risk came up in a meeting this week. It struck me and stuck with me. Each word holding so much within it to be unpacked and unjudged.

I do not like to identify with the word embarrassing personally, telling myself it is something I tend to be lucky not to feel often. My resistance to allowing embarrassment is I define it for myself as the result of a battle with confidence and or an opportunity for humility. Since confidence, better said as belief in myself without arrogance, is foundational for me – what might be embarrassing is more so a critique. I should have done ‘whatever’ differently. I am not perfect. Sometimes the whispers of, I hope I did not hurt my reputation, credibility does show up.

I do like to identify with risk. It is my opinion that I am a risk taker overall. Without risk, I wonder how there would be discovery. Risk, to me, means a willingness to expand beyond ego, what we know, what is comfortable. I believe in possibilities, in the answer is ‘pre-determined’ without it-so nothing to lose by taking a risk and learning just what is. There is an excitement in the idea of risk, and that excites me.

Putting them together my individual summary; Embarrassing risk is the opportunity to surrender any ego and be open to possibilities. Respectfully, curious what it may mean for others.

Life without ego – is an adventure.

Hmmm, one perspective…day 233!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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