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365 Letters to Myself

March 10th - The less I say...

I am thinking about the need to say less. Had a couple situations this week where in retrospect, less would definitely have been more appropriate. Less sharing, less talking… listen, listen, listen. What causes me to speak about things I really should wait to say anything about?

The golden question – am I caught up in the moment, (this does happen to me in other ways too), more than I am comfortable with. Am I trying to convey some image, generate a validation? Have I lost a perspective, the ability to consider beyond, what could happen next.

It frightens me, to be truthful and whatever the reason for disengaging in boundaries and insightful thought – time to reign it in and change my path. Besides, listening is almost always more entertaining, informative and rewarding. I at least, prefer to not hear my own voice so much. If I can remember this a discipline should be possible. But what may be the role of our ‘instant’ society?

Remaining true, we have 2 ears and 1 mouth, for a reason.

Hmmm, the more I listen…day 221!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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