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365 Letters to Myself

March 3rd - 33 years...

Today is my 33rd wedding anniversary. A long time with the same person, no doubt. I am grateful for the relationship. Our foundation a solid friendship that had been for years before being a couple. A father who is fondly loved by his boys. My husband is good to my parents. He is someone, ‘everyone’ likes. In these later years, willing to do house projects-helpful on the hiring out! We share similar likes and past times. Former bartender-has a good humor. With his gift to gab, conversation is never lacking.

There are many things that lead people to a partnership, mine – a child. Doesn’t sound romantic, simply the undeniable reality. Once making the choice, the greatest thing I believe you can do for the relationship, be grateful! Don’t spend time on what may be lacking, or not as envisioned but count the blessings of what is right, and what has come from /out of it.

I do often tell him, how much I value his respect of my independence… that we are both able to be ourselves, individuals in couple hood. This allows for a healthy amount of trust. Whether good or bad, things remain balanced and peaceful, as we rarely fight. Gifts to be appreciated and celebrated! We have experienced a good life.

Love each other as is, not who you want each other to be.

Hmmm, wedded bliss-umm…day 218!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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