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365 Letters to Myself

February 13th - Branding...

As I was brain dumping, found myself writing about my company and or personal brand. Interesting. Sort out of nowhere, and maybe on purpose at the same time. I have been struggling to kick-off any posts, social media, website updates, company messaging this 2023… over the question of what am I trying to say, how am I wanting to serve? Inviting the question, is my messaging telling the story, the right story, rather than a tale I am afraid I have been approaching from only one view point for too long.

I started putting on paper some character traits for consideration and exploration; resilience, bravery, positivity, perseverance, risk-taking, belief, faith, doing the right thing, hard work, seize opportunities, listen to my heart, taking action, insights, openness, independence, integrity, honesty… stopping there for a pause. All part of experiences I can empathize with, have wisdom to share, and assistance to provide on; reimagine, realize possibilities, create, coach, connect, support, self-discover, determine what now, next…

Think I need to spend some further time on this. At least much of it is consistent but am I being called to convey it differently in a way that builds a better brand, or evolves the brand I have been attempting to communicate with much greater clarity. I can admit critically, it is needed.

Branding tells the story of who, what and why.

Hmmm, what am I trying to say, be…day 203!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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