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365 Letters to Myself

January 24th - A+...

I received an A+ today…at least from my physician’s nurse. Better weight, good blood pressure, vitals – I will take it!

For someone not big on ‘Western’ medicine, I do think it is important to consistently practice preventative care…an annual physical, other regular tests based on gender and /or age, eye care, and dental appointments (at least I use to be diligent on teeth cleanings). When I am not feeling well, my go to is natural – more vitamins C-D-zinc, garlic, broth, tea, Vicks, Epsom salt baths and of course rest/sleep. It appears to be working for me. My doctor too chimed in – “you look really good” – my glucose, hemoglobin normal also!

It is nice to have a positive check-up. I do try to stay well but in balance. The point to me is to live and enjoy life, not restrict myself of all that might bring pleasure – just avoid the extremes. It feels good to stay active and fit – pride in a body that is ‘in shape’, at least for my 50’s (ok perhaps closer to 60-yikes!). Looks like I can keep the course, not let up but keep improving as desired, incentivized by a bit of affirmation I am currently aging ok. So grateful!!

Oh, how we think we can buy time with our health, until time starts running out.

Hmmm, making the health grade, today…day 183!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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