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365 Letters to Myself

January 4th - Playing chicken...

I am all for taking a stand on an issue, an important issue, an initiative to make a significant difference, do something meaningful – but where’s the game plan vs. appearing to be playing chicken?

We need BOLD change – there are some seriously broken things going on. Did anyone read The Art of War and create a strategy, an end game? I want to be supportive to the cause, is momentum building or weakening? Will the division deepen or bring a needed reset?

Most importantly where’s the leadership, the cooperation/collaboration, the checking of egos, the end of grandstanding, the brainstorming ideas… for the common good, not personal (other) agendas? With some good vibrations going on – I am willing to have faith at the moment, it will work out for the betterment IF it becomes about what is best beyond oneself.

Credibility is in an idea, solidly vetted.

Hmmm, for the win…day 167!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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