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365 Letters to Myself

November 22nd, Be the one to catch yourself...

Yes! I can do this. I will catch myself. Whether by instinct, auto pilot, courage.

This sentiment brings tears to my eyes, that gently roll down my cheeks. What is being triggered inside me – I am not sure. The idea I might be falling, the need to be rescued, the independence of being the one to do so? Or is it a lonely realization that others are not, will not be, cannot be counted upon to do so?

Seeing something rotten, it is not unusual for me to bravely turn away or desire to responsibly ‘fix’ it, depending. Asking for the support of others, out loud, not a likely practice. I may privately desire awareness, perhaps even romanticize being ‘taken care of” but in the end, identify more with the empowerment and motivation to catch myself.

Hmmm, stay aware…day 129!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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