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365 Letters to Myself

October 17th, Outside holiday decor...

I have always been a fan of some simple, tasteful, Christmas holiday lights and greens outside (as well as in). But the trend, and a fun one at that is Halloween decorating. For years now Halloween has grown in the décor options and availability leaps and bounds. It seems like there is such a variety of and possibility to create an amazing display.

This was emphasized as I drove by a house last night, showing one engaging scene after another. Lights, animations, all kinds of novelties; witches, ghosts, graveyards, and it seems the hottest addition; spiders, spiders webs. On this particular block there were a couple more houses, but none compared. At my own house, we have a few pieces but again, not elaborate. Will this progress into Halloween limo tours around the city (like at Christmas-we took our boys once with friends)? I was aware of a house, so into it, they took a week of vacation to turn their yard into a haunted house, accepting donations for a charity, it was a destination until the city shut them down-perhaps a comeback is possible.

I write about this because I believe in celebrating holidays. In being festive, making these moments feel special, along with other occasions and milestones. Life should bring us joy, and often it can happen in the way we recognize and participate in these events.

Hmmm, festive and welcoming…day 93!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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