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365 Letters to Myself

September 30th, Date night...

It’s Friday night – a traditional ‘date’ night for many – long gone for me. Actually, we never had such a routine. Before being married, as friends, it wasn’t uncommon for us to hang out, go to dinner. Once pregnant, parents, married, all energies went towards the kids. It was common for us to go out to events solo, someone had to stay home as the ‘babysitter’. The joke for a while was both, being able to count on only two hands the number of our dates, and or were we even a couple since each other’s friends never saw us together. Of course, we were a couple that hung out with our kids (activities) parents. For us, it worked.

Now after 30+ years with grown kids, we still only occasionally go out ‘on a date’, more so sporting events or movies or likely we will ‘double-date’ with our couple friends. I know all the advice, all the stories, for having a good relationship – time with one another. But I would also offer, it isn’t the only way. We may not have the most romantic of marriages, (and sometimes I miss this), however, we are independently strong, accept each other just as we are-no trying to change one another, and are secure in the partnership. For us, it still works.

But should I be asked for relationship advice... I do have some to offer... (perhaps in another letter).

Hmmm, is what you make it…day 76!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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