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365 Letters to Myself

May 13th - 51 - 57...

Not quite a full decade yet, the momentum of the 40’s took an unexpected turn. One could speculate for all the certainty of this previous decade, came an uncertainty, easily summed up as You Rocked my World.

First rocking my world were the evils of addiction and mental health struggles that plagued my son after his deployment. His baby girl and marriage helped to bring new priorities and purpose, but the realities of depression, PTSD and anxiety a continuous learning and living occurrence.

Secondly, rocking my world, the evil of sibling jealously and greed. What a rude wake up call to discover how much I apparently was a threat in every way to those I once would do pretty much anything for in the name of family, both blood and my company team. Now having to watch my own children question were their lives a lie.

Then, rocking my world, becoming the ‘only’ child of 5 going through my mom’s aging, health-ridden years. We’ve been dealing with heart issues, and now memory, along with the devastation of a broken family. I do not know how a mother ever gets over what has happened with her children and grandchildren.

But I refuse to give in to evil, rocking my world. These years have brought many self-discovery insights and chances to know myself and life better. They have offered a bountiful of new opportunities, networks, and possibilities. I choose to anchor in my faith – defined by the Cardinal as believing, accepting, and responding! I am being made whole and embrace what awaits.

Hmmm, you rock my world…day 283!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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