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365 Letters to Myself

May 12th - 41 - 50...

I have said it over and over again, the 40’s was to date my best decade! Not without challenges, but I would summarize it with, Let the Good Times Roll.

Despite all that goes with the teen-age years of children, and mine lived up to the mother’s curse “may you have a child like yourself”, we got through them relatively ‘safe’. My eldest ran away but came back, was able to get his GED and made me a young grandma at 45. A precious baby girl that liked her grandma! My middle child stuck in between his parents and brothers, graduated high school, joined the National Guard, and was detoured from college with a deployment to Kuwait as a Helicopter Crew Chief. Taking cues from the older two, my youngest did all he could to do everything right, graduated, attended college with a golf scholarship and enjoyed the full 4-year adventure. This time also brought the significant loss of our family patriarch. My dad, a mentor, advocate, and my kid’s hero. Personally, life was being lived with all its ups and downs, in complete fullness.

Professionally, I had enough years, experience to be at my prime. My roles expanded in influence, responsibilities, and authorities. I was named successor, as President, to my father and bridged the transition without missing a beat. With my kids older, I travelled a lot both the U.S. and Internationally. So many incredible places and people were filling my life and fulfilling me! I discovered favorite cities and countries. Realized hobbies and activities that fed my spirit. As a family company, my boys now spoke and dreamed of being the 4th generation, continuing the story and legacy – admiring both their grandpa and mom.

Topping the decade – a year's long celebration of turning 50!

Hmmm, life's midway point…day 282!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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