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365 Letters to Myself

May 11th - 31 - 40...

The 30’s are a blur! When you are raising a young family and advancing in your career the days are full and you look back upon them wondering how did I do it all, have the energy every day, where did they go, can I have them back?! I know for me it was a game to conquer, to simply Ease on Down the Road.

So, we did. Our kids in school; concerts, conferences, and such. I tried to instill a healthy attitude towards learning. They played sports by the season and our friends were the parents from the teams. We became most involved in hockey. My husband a coach, I occasionally team manager. It was fun and when this stage ended, though the years were demanding, there was sadness. I taught their Faith Formation classes, to keep them involved in the church. We tried piano, until the teacher suggested we ‘stop wasting our money’. We were the ‘hang-out’ house, building in an ideal neighborhood with a great yard!

My career continued exposing me to learning business, hands-on. I did credit work, purchasing, marketing and sales. Marketing soon became the umbrella for everything else. It is storytelling and I love the family business story, grandpa’s innovations and dad’s presentation. Hard work and passion are leading me through. My age, and perhaps being a woman, it was all about being a sponge. Respect those that have been around longer. Listen. Learn. I was becoming known in the industry, the face of the company alongside dad but creating my own peer group. Lots of fun experiences!

Hmmm, ease on down the road…day 281!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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