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365 Letters to Myself

May 9th - 11 - 20...

What a breadth of growing up in my years 11 – 20. The schooling, activities, adulthood, so much to consider. Giving it a title, thinking, Rebel with a Cause.

Schooling saw my 8th grade and High School graduation and college acceptance. Awarded by my 8th grade class the honor of best Overall Student, which I was thrilled about as it was classmate votes, until it came at the cost of my closest friends being jealous and ‘abandoning’ me. Wanting a fresh start, I chose the untypical high school. It went well, decent GPA, part of the more known group, a couple of shout outs on the Senior Poll, my first steady boyfriend. Stayed in the city for college, I was in love… and unsure what I wanted to be when I grew up.

Activities were aplenty. Mom had me participate in dance and piano. In grade school, there were plays and performances I would try out for. I also picked cheerleading and it was a fit like no other. It was a belonging; I am just now having insight on how much so. One could say, I discovered a social life as well. If there was a party, my girlfriend and I would find it and made our attendance memorable.

Adulthood obviously arrives upon graduation, or pseudo the freedom of having a driver's license. The pleaser in me transferred from home to friends. I had to break in my parents of the rebellious teen-age years, since my older brother kept by his book as the mostly model child. There were lots of ‘bad’ decisions, testing of boundaries, running wild and separation from ‘a perfect family’. Dysfunction has that effect on disillusionment. I had become quite independent, with a streak of self-sufficiency and a desperation to know, who am I. Being kicked out to be on my own, the next chapter.

Hmmm, rebel with a cause…day 279!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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