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365 Letters to Myself

April 15th - Rabbit hole...

Ugh, going down the rabbit hole really throws me off. It is difficult for me to get my focus back because it usually means I have shifted into a problem-solving, truth-seeking mode. How am I able to make a positive difference, change, create something better in what has me ‘triggered’.

This journey is a common one for the times. I believe I am a fair and supportive person. I am open and reasonable… until presented with a ‘narrative’ that is, in my perspective, lacking all the information to make more accurate assumptions. This hole is culture’s conversation around diversity, equity, and equality. Which for the record, all relevant things I am respectful of achieving. The logic in me gets fired up though when the conversation is less about considering what is at the core, and more about missing key facts, exercising talking points and stirring the pot.

My example, and this goes back decades for me, the statements and generalizing, that somehow women are being unfairly treated in business because they may not be 50/50 with men in Executive positions, Boards and or pay. The problem is that I am not aware of what makes up the data they are using for this conversation. I go to the realities that for some women their goals are not to be in these roles, but value a lessor position that provides better work/life balance. Also, consider is the women labor pool smaller, because they prefer to be the at home parent. It could be as well, the corporate world is not for them and would rather be in a smaller business, self-employed or their own start-up. I fired back on the post that sent me on my spiral, how will it be met, or maybe ignored? Not going to be embarrassed.

The saying of 'what does assume spell', lives on, not exempted.

Hmmm, it can get deep…day 255!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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