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365 Letters to Myself

November 27th, Thanksgiving Weekend...

Oh, how I love Thanksgiving weekend. From the start of preparing food on Wednesday to our all-day celebration on Thanksgiving to the 3-day weekend after – it is wonderful! We were so blessed with a memorable one this year.

I kicked the prep…getting my routine down to be more efficient or at least it was this year. Even set the table with leaf and all (rather than buffet style) …which turned out to be a good idea as we all gathered around it. My youngest caught up in emotion and compelled to offer a toast. My oldest along with his complaining of the boring meal…enthusiastic about contributing 3 items, wowed by the butter cheesecloth turkey and posting the spread to his Instagram.

Then the long weekend of breaking out the Christmas stuff. (I refuse to do it before celebrating Thanksgiving). I start with the books, cd’s and movies. Feeling the decorating mood…I’ve done about half of it. Typically, it is an ease into process, but the last few years my granddaughters have led the way. This year I got to lead, though the youngest yelled at me a couple times, haha. My tree collection is out, the Department 56 houses, stockings, a few of the dozens of Santas.

The last couple of nights Christmas show binging…always start with some version of The Christmas Carol but have managed to watch 5 other seasonal specials already! Noticed my middle son checking out the Christmas Story Christmas sequel. Life is at its zenith!!

Hmmm, let the holiday season begin…day 134!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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