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365 Letters to Myself

November 15th, "Sorry means nothing without change"...

A Buddha statement to ponder. I posted it and received a great perspective… who is being asked to change… the commentor suggested oneself owns the action.

How often do we want ‘the change’ to be done by someone else? What if we looked at ourselves for what we could do, think, differently. This feels empowering. Believing a change in someone else is taking a chance. There is no guarantee. The responsibility strength in me quickly kicks in to embrace the idea it is up to me. There is a choice I can make whether mindset, heartset or action I take. I like being positioned to make a decision.

It was also suggested never apologize…this is a tougher perspective for me to agree with. I understand apologies are complicated, but a simple “I am sorry” for a wrongdoing or hurt – remains powerful and kind to me. Not that it should be demanded, anticipated, waited upon but genuine and heartfelt. I guess I see it from a personal perspective – I continue to hope it for my mom from my broken family.

Hmmm, the hardest thing…day 122!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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