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365 Letters to Myself

October 28th, Power struggle...

Parent, child, family power struggles. It doesn’t matter what generation, what age – they seem to be ever present. Having my own mini one this time, with my mom, witnessing a full blown one with my granddaughter and her mom today, a life altering one with my siblings.

When I try to unpack them – there can be all different explanations. Mine today, I wanted to be heard and my perspective not dismissed. The granddaughter, I think it was the ‘Friday melt-down’ but also, she was asserting what she wanted vs. what mom was imposing. My siblings, my interpretation (and someone who was a pawn) appeared mostlyabout jealously and greed.

Who wins in a power struggle? Obvious answer, most often, no one. Not that the standing up for oneself, one’s beliefs or one’s aspirations are bad or wrong, the process can be absent of quality, healthy conversations and actual truths. One upping means someone is kept down. Dismissing a viewpoint, someone feels unheard, discredited. Should there be self-serving, I say watch out karma.

Hmmm, power outage…day 104!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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