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365 Letters to Myself

September 12th, Intervention...

I could write about addiction in so many ways. This will likely not be my one and only. Truthfully, wouldn’t surprise me if I could find content from this subject that would last days, weeks, months. It is my life – literally – recovered dad, active mom, my moment of questioned heredity, probably grandparents, uncle, boyfriend, husband, two boys, siblings, friends, their families, and on, on, on. I am hands on experienced, in childhood, as an adult child, al anon, AA, treatment, 12steps, books, aftercare…

Today, I am preoccupied by an impending intervention. Having a hard time working, as so much comes up for me – starting with it is not about me, so focus on who it is involving (I did in conversation for a while). But difficult not to relate. I’ve been there with mom in the whole planned out event, a few times in an unscripted way (mini, mini) with my boys, husband. It weighs on my heart getting through this first hurdle – try not to think beyond, where the even greater, life changing work will begin. Without this first step, others cannot begin, so all energy there. No plan plays out perfectly as an addict must want (not be forced into) help. All emotions are high. Individual chess moves to carefully, strategically be made as event evolves.

Probably most sad, it’s become life or death, no flexibility – the choice must be to do it or live with lifelong regrets. The family involved in my thoughts and prayers; may the addict see it as what they have been waiting for…squash my fear that may not be so.

Hmmm, you have a problem…day 58!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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