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Inaugural Book Launch from CHRISTINA

What do you see when you gaze at a cloud?


I wonder . . . Can you tell me? I’d love to know!


Imagination is a way of thinking and creating, drawing from what we see and feel. The Cloud Book of Wonder offers an interactive experience for grown-ups and children of any age who enjoy cloud gazing and storytelling, daydreaming and imagining. When a child looks at the sky, will they see a rocking horse, ripples in a pond, or a cloud named Cirrus or Cumulus? Together parents, grandparents, teachers, and children may create an activity of wondering and learning. Looking up at clouds will never be the same again.


christina M brandt



The Cloud of Wonder was really exciting to read to my boys. The imagination was so creative and the book provokes fun dreaming and thinking together! What a great book for grandparents and parents to read to their kids for deeper connection together! Love this!

Tony R.

Great book that really engages the reader with the child, and encourages imaginative thought. Beautifully done - graphics are outstanding.

Marty M.

Wonderful little book to remind us of the simple things in life. As a kid I remember looking up at the clouds and seeing all sorts of, mostly animal shapes. The author also gives you a lesson in the types of clouds we see. Reminder to look to nature to inspire and create images and stories.

G. Chin

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