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365 Letters to Myself

October 18th, Entrepreneurs...

I said it before and will again…how exciting it is to work with St. Thomas students on their amazing ideas for businesses!! Had the chance to mentor 4 groups tonight as they compete for seed money in another great program the college offers.

My winning team (from a couple months ago) was there and working hard towards advancing their ‘no-brainer’ product idea – soon to take the market by storm. But tonight, I heard 4 new ideas – all with good opportunity (problem) stories and their unique, mostly viable solutions. I tried, ok not so hard to ‘ask coaching questions’, but must admit dove in to ‘advising’. The idea that most excited me – a young women from Georgia (Europe) and her desire to bring bread, cheese, wine of her country, heritage for us in Minnesota to experience and enjoy! I hope she is able to see her business to fruition and fares well in the program.

Incredibly grateful again for the hands-on, decades of work knowledge and experiences I am blessed to have and able to share, give back to others! Particularly rewarding in whatever small way to contribute to the start-ups whether in a college program or at any time of their life when they have the courage to take the chance! (work with the Small Business Development Center) My enthusiasm can’t help sometimes, from a place of how do we make this happen, to flirt with rolling up the sleeves and making ‘suggestions’.

Good luck entrepreneurs – you are who matter to our economy!

Hmmm, make your dream come true…day 94!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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