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365 Letters to Myself

October 14th, Fastest week...

Time almost always seems to go fast – but this week, could it really have gone even faster?! Always happy to have the weekend but it would be nice to not see the last 7 days as a blur. I would like to be present, intentional, and retain the nice memories of the little things that are actually the big ones!

Taking cues from the day… I woke up to the slowest snowfall, it was like a movie scene the way the large and small, scattered flakes floated down. It happened to be massage day too – that usually slows me down a bit (as I take a fair amount of work and can feel it a bit after-lots of water and a couple aspirin required).

Fog lifting, reflections - the week countdown with my granddaughter, who is always looking towards Friday-but so cutely when asked “how’s your day all week” responds enthusiastically “good!” Or a catch-up happy hour/dinner that ends up being 4+ hours, without conversation boundaries, letting some airing/therapy of what’s been held inside. A couple of packed days of clients-which is always rewarding and energizing. Enjoying my purpose class. Took some photos. Dove into social media posts, I haven’t been making time to complete as I should. Connecting with my dear friend as her husband is returning home from treatment tomorrow. Could go on… not as blurry as I think!

Hmmm, almost a blur…day 90!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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