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365 Letters to Myself

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

October 2nd, Ready for some football...

For so many years – fall and winter Sundays meant football!! Dad took me to my first game when I was 9 – 10 years old and I went as often as I could for a lot of years! Yes, I admired and wanted to be a cheerleader, but I became a huge fan of the game itself! I attended the last Superbowl the Vikings were in and was able to go to the first Superbowl in MN. (First night out after the birth of my second son!!)

While my kids were growing up their hockey games competed with going to home games, but still watching was part of the day. I wore my team gear, played in pools, joined a fantasy football league. (Of course, die hard cheerleader in High School, and a college ball fan)

And then the Professionals ticked me off. Spectator sports was about the game…a shared rallying around your team winning, with the shorter season every week was important. But sadly, it started becoming agenda driven and political – how does something that is meant to attract a variety of people take a position on issues outside the game? They did. I stopped watching.

Habits are hard to break as is my enjoyment of the game and I find myself slowing returning to the routine of spending my Sunday with football, cautiously. Reality, my personal protest not very significant to the big picture. My boys assure me the NFL has learned their lesson and have backed off on interjecting opinion, where it doesn’t need to be. I am ready for some football!

Hmmm, Touchdown…day 78!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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