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365 Letters to Myself

August 16th, Reason, season...

Such truth exists in our lives evolve as ‘what is meant to be’ if we take the time to step back and see, embrace such. Perhaps most obvious is in the people that are in them for a reason, season (or lifetime), a favorite poem of mine.

Perhaps no better example than a dear lady I had lunch with today. We originally met in an Advisor/Client capacity. At 78, she became an entrepreneur, seeking to launch her business and currently is still working on getting traction. Our relationship has become much more. She’s a dear friend. We enjoy chatting through many of our shared beliefs, empathize through similar challenges both in business and life, appreciate our time together.

As I reflected upon an exchange we had, I felt on the verge of wanting to cry. (still not a big crier) There were comments about the feelings of being in each other’s life. I mentioned that I am better for knowing her – and as I drove home – I recognized exactly how this is true. Knowing her makes me a better daughter to my mom. Knowing her is a peek and inspiration into how I want to be in 20 years myself. Knowing her is a constant acknowledgment of gratitude.

The other 3 engagements I had today, I can also see the give/take that amplifies, trust I am ‘where I am meant to be’.

Hmmm, lifetime…day 34!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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