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365 Letters to Myself

December 4th, Oh Christmas tree...

I love our tradition for Christmas tree shopping! We like to cut our own. For 35 years having a real tree is a must and I would say can maybe count on one hand the times cutting down our own was not possible.

I grew up with a real tree, we would go to the farmer’s market and pick out a pre-cut one. Having my own home, family, it became important to me to create the cutting our own experience. When our home allowed, 2 – one upstairs and one downstairs. We switched from the white pine of my childhood to a Frasier, 6-7 feet to 15! Now, we are back to about 7 feet.

Today we visited a home with a farm of trees that we found a few years ago…it was a magical experience the first time. So many trees, perfect day, a family event. Though an ideal day for it, not quite the same today. Just my husband and I, the selection non-existent really, and we were lucky to find one ‘it will do’ pre-cut option in their front yard.

It will work out – once the lights are on, and my husband has learned his lesson to not skimp with them, avoiding me telling him “There’s not enough lights”. I can’t do them; I grew up with a mom who spoiled us with her talent. She would take hours. We’d be waiting and waiting to decorate, not appreciating the art of not only going down the trunk but coming out each branch. My dad appreciated its beauty always telling her it was “the best ever”.

So many memories as I was perused the box of Christmas pictures, fondly reflecting upon all the tree cutting adventures with the kids. It will always be worth it to me, and I have told my kids don’t let me give it up as I get older.

Christmas 2012

Hmmm, how lovely are your branches…day 141!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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